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Mexican electrical workers with banner saying it's a hunger strike
Many thanks to David Bacon

Mexican Labor News
& Analysis

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Contents for July, 2016

Vol. 21 No. 7
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Contents for June, 2016

Vol. 21 No. 6
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Contents for May, 2016

Vol. 21 No. 5
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Contents for April 2016

Vol. 21 No. 4
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Contents for March 2016

Vol. 21 No. 3
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Contents for February, 2016

Vol. 21 No. 2
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Contents for January, 2016

Vol. 21 No. 1
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Dear Readers,
I apologize for the lapse in the publication of Mexican Labor News and Analysis. With this issue we resume regular monthly publication.
Dan La Botz, Editor

Contents for May, 2015

Vol. 5 No. 20
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Mexican Labor News and Analysis – May, 2015

In This Issue:
*The Left Divide As Mexicans Go to the Polls on June 7
*Mexican Teachers Plan “Indefinite Strike” in Four States on June 1
*May Day Overshadowed by Cartel Violence; “Official Unions” Back EPN; Independents Oppose Gov’t Policy
*San Quintín Farm Worker Strike Defeated by Employers, Government
*Labor Board Decides in Favor of Fired Workers
*Social Security Workers Protest Union Leader’s Repression
*Mexican Railway Worker Retirees Protest Against Union Leader
*Mexican Auto Workers Fired for Protesting Sexual Harassment
*Labor Shorts
*Social Statistics

Contents for April 31, 2015

Vol. 4 No. 20
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*Baja California Farm Workers Continue Battle with Growers
*Miners and Farmers Challenge Mexico’s Copper Giant by David Bacon
*Baja Bristles with Labor Protests from Frontera Norte Sur
*Teachers to Strike 0ver Wages, Resources, Cut-Backs
*Industrial Calls for “Safe and Smooth” Return of Miners’ Leader
*Social Statistics


About Mexican Labor News & Analysis

Staff: Editor, Dan La Botz. Editor, Dan La Botz. Managing editor, Robin Alexander.

Mexican Labor News and Analysis (MLNA) is produced in collaboration with the Authentic Labor Front, Frente Auténtico del Trabajo (FAT) of Mexico and the United Electrical Workers (UE) of the United States. For many of our stories, we rely on La Jornada's excellent labor and social movement coverage. We also, of course, look at other Mexican and U.S. media, but most important is the coverage of La Jornada to which we constantly refer and which we frequently summarize in our articles.

In recognizing our sources, articles by David Bacon and John Ross periodically enliven our pages and less frequently, though no less appreciated, are pieces by Fred Rosen. We also appreciate IRC's willingness to allow us to include articles by Laura Carlsen, director of the IRC Americas Program in Mexico City and occasionally by other IRC contributors. Most important, our collaborators in the Authentic Labor Front (FAT) keep us updated about the FAT's organizing campaigns and other activities. The Solidarity Center in Mexico kindly sends us regular mailings dealing with labor unions and other issues. We also receive mailings on important issues from CITTAC in Tijuana, from Enlace, and others. Occasionally some of our readers travel to Mexico and send us reports regarding other developments.

This web site includes Archives of Mexican Labor News and Analysis issues that date from 1996 to the present.

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Arturo Silva Doray


"The relationship that we've had with international organizations
-- thanks to ties with UE   --  is hugely important.

"After each international meeting, we feel more and more encouraged by the knowledge that we're backed by outside organizations as strong as the UE."

-- Arturo Silva Doray
General secretary of municipal workers union in Juarez, Mexico
& of Federation of Municipal Workers for Chihuahua, Mexico



For more Information

For information about submission of articles and all queries contact editor Dan La Botz at the following e-mail address: or call (513) 861-8722. The mailing address is: Dan La Botz, Mexican Labor News and Analysis, 3503 Middleton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45220.

Can you reprint these articles?

Most MLNA articles may be reprinted by other electronic or print media. If the article includes a byline, republication requires the author's approval. For permission, please contact the author directly. If there is no byline, republication is authorized if the reproduction includes the following paragraph:

"This article was published by Mexican Labor News and Analysis, a monthly collaboration of the Mexico City-based Authentic Labor Front (FAT) and the Pittsburgh-based United Electrical Workers (UE)."


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