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Contents for January, 2009

Vol. 14 No. 1
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Dear Readers, We wanted to share some fabulous news we received just as we are going to press: a California company has announced it will purchase the assets of Republic Windows, putting UE Members Back to Work!

Chicago - January 14, 2009

UE Local 1110 announced today that the leading company in the green window business -- Serious Materials, based in Sunnyvale, California -- is in the final stages of working out an agreement to purchase the assets of Republic Windows and Doors... Read more

Contents for February, 2009

Vol. 14 No. 2
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AN ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND APPRECIATION OF OUR SOURCES We have been publishing Mexican Labor News and Analysis (MLNA) continuously now for 14 years and La Jornada, the Mexico City daily newspaper has always been one of our principal sources. For many of our stories, we rely on La Jornada's excellent labor and social movement coverage. We also, of course, look at other Mexican and U.S. media, but most important is the coverage of La Jornada to which we constantly refer and which we frequently summarize in our articles. While we are recognizing our sources, we should mention that articles by David Bacon and John Ross periodically enliven our pages and less frequently, though no less appreciated, are pieces by Fred Rosen... Read more

Contents for March, 2009

Vol. 14 No. 3
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Contents for April, 2009

Vol. 14 No. 4
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To Our Readers,

The three-year struggle between the Mexican Miners and Metal Workers Union, on the one hand, and Grupo Mexico and the Mexican government, on the other, took on new dimensions this past month as the company and the state took measures apparently intended to inflict a decisive blow against the union. Mexico's independent labor federation the National Union of Workers (UNT) and the broad alliance with which it is in coalition issued strong statements in support of the miners, while for the first time the Party of the Democratic Revolution and its allies in the Broad National Front came down strongly on the side of the miners... Read more

Contents for May, 2009 Vol. 0 No. 0

Dear Readers,

MLNA will be producing a special May/June issue. There will be no May issue this year.

In solidarity,

Dan LaBotz
Robin Alexander

There are no articles for this issue.

Contents for June, 2009

Vol. 14 No. 5
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Contents for July, 2009

Vol. 14 No. 6
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Contents for August, 2009

Vol. 14 No. 7
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Contents for September, 2009

Vol. 14 No. 8
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Contents for October, 2009

Vol. 14 No. 9
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Special Alert!

On the night of October 10, President Calderón ordered federal police to seize the power plants operated by the Mexican Electrical Workers Union (SME), while simultaneously liquidating the state-owned Light and Power Company, and firing the entire workforce of approximately 43,000 employees. Some 22,000 retirees and 1,500 union technical school trainees were also affected. Five days earlier, the government refused to accord legal recognition to the democratically elected president of the Mexican Electrical Workers’ Union, Martín Esparza, although this should have been a routine matter... Read more

Contents for November, 2009

Vol. 14 No. 10
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Dedication and Call to Action
We dedicate this issue of Mexican Labor News and Analysis to the Mexican Electrical Workers (SME) and to their continuing struggle to defend the publicly owned company that the government has liquidated, to defend their union, and to win back the 44,000 jobs they have lost.

We also call upon our readers, their labor unions, social movements and human rights organizations to take action to support the electrical workers who at this moment represent the front line in the fight for union rights, human rights, and democracy in Mexico... Read more

Contents for December, 2009

Vol. 14 No. 11
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Arturo Silva Doray


"The relationship that we've had with international organizations
-- thanks to ties with UE   --  is hugely important.

"After each international meeting, we feel more and more encouraged by the knowledge that we're backed by outside organizations as strong as the UE."

-- Arturo Silva Doray
General secretary of municipal workers union in Juarez, Mexico
& of Federation of Municipal Workers for Chihuahua, Mexico



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