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Contents for January, 2010

Vol. 15 No. 1
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Contents for February, 2010

Vol. 15 No. 2
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While the media in the United States has focused our attention on Mexico’s murderous drug wars, President Felipe Calderón’s war on the country’s workers represents an equally dangerous development. During his three years in office, Calderón has carried out a systematic campaign to subjugate the Mexican Mine and Metal Workers Union (SNTMMRM) and to destroy the Mexican Electrical Workers Union (SME). The government’s war against these two independent unions is clearly intended to intimidate, to terrorize, and thus to disarm Mexico’s labor movement... Read more

Contents for March, 2010

Vol. 15 No. 3
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Contents for May/June, 2010

Vol. 15 No. 4
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Contents for July, 2010

Vol. 15 No. 5
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As the attacks on independent unions in Mexico have escalated, solidarity efforts have also increased. On June 20th, a gathering in Toronto brought leaders of virtually all of the independent trade unions in Mexico and two of their most respected attorneys with leaders and attorneys of trade unions from Canada and the US. The meeting also included three GUFs: ICEM, IMF and UNI. A few days later, leaders of the SME, los Mineros and FAT traveled to Toronto to participate in a Peoples’ Movement Assembly at the US Social Forum in Detroit... Read more

Contents for August, 2010

Vol. 15 No. 6
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Contents for August, 2010

Vol. 15 No. 7
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Contents for September, 2010

Vol. 0 No. 0
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Emergency Alert: Attack on Mineworkers in Cananea; 26 Arrested

Contents for September, 2010

Vol. 15 No. 8
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Contents for October, 2010

Vol. 15 No. 9
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Dear Readers,

Because this issue is so long, I want to call your attention to a few really significant developments. The first group of articles covers an impressive organizing victory by the FAT and their 50th Anniversary Congress.

The next section provides updated information regarding a variety of on-going struggles. I want to highlight two in particular. Of particular importance is the announcement of a pact between the CTM and CT to produce their own labor law reform proposal. If, as rumors have it, the PAN and PRI are able to reconcile their differences, together they have the votes to pass a “reform” that will be devastating to the independent trade union movement... Read more

Contents for November, 2010

Vol. 15 No. 10
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Contents for December, 2010

Vol. 15 No. 11
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Dear Brothers and Sisters, Activists and Friends,

I am writing to draw your particular attention to the first two articles in Mexican Labor News and Analysis. The first describes the situation at the Mexican Honda plant in Salto, Jalisco, where the company has just fired the general secretary of a group of workers attempting to gain recognition for an independent union. UAW president has written a strong letter of protest and requested that other s do the same. UE’s officers have responded and we hope you will also.

The second is a call by four Global Union Federations for days of action from February 14 to 19th at embassies and consulates around the world... Read more


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Arturo Silva Doray


"The relationship that we've had with international organizations
-- thanks to ties with UE   --  is hugely important.

"After each international meeting, we feel more and more encouraged by the knowledge that we're backed by outside organizations as strong as the UE."

-- Arturo Silva Doray
General secretary of municipal workers union in Juarez, Mexico
& of Federation of Municipal Workers for Chihuahua, Mexico



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