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Contents for January, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 1
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Contents for February, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 2
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Dear Readers,

In the past week, more than 50,000 trade unionists and their community allies around the world took action for change in Mexico during the Global Days of Action. In the US there were demonstrations or delegations in at least 12 cities (Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, New Orleans, New York, Raleigh, San Francisco, Tucson, Washington DC), in four cities in Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal), and in Mexico there were 27 different actions following the massive demonstration on January 31st. In all, workers and their community allies in 40 countries on five continents strongly denounced the attack on independent trade unions in Mexico... Read more

Contents for March, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 3
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Dear Readers:

We in the workers’ movement are in a new era. At Mexican Labor News and Analysis, we find we are viewing things differently in this new period as we attempt to situate ourselves as observers, reporters and promoters of international labor solidarity.

We’ve been publishing Mexican Labor News and Analysis for 16 years, but today things are much different than they were when we began, different for all of the unions in continental North America. The events of the last few years have significantly changed every aspect of employer-union relations, labor law, and social welfare in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) countries. Politicians have dismantled many of our rights... Read more

Contents for April, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 4
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For weeks now there have been constant demonstrations, sometimes of tens of thousands, against a rightwing attempt to take away workers rights to unions and to collective bargaining rights—and we are not talking about Wisconsin. This is Mexico where employers and official unions have joined with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) to push forward a law that would virtually dismantle workers’ rights despite longstanding Constitutional protection. The PRI’s labor reform has the backing not only of its rival the PAN, but also of the Congress of Labor, the umbrella labor organization of the official unions... Read more

Contents for May, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 5
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Contents for June, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 6
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Dear Readers,

Last month we included an article on the Tribunal on Trade Union Freedom that was organized in Mexico City on May 28th. The full resolution is now available and makes very interesting reading as an overview of the challenges faced by the independent labor movement in Mexico. Far too long to include here, you can view it in its entirety at:

There are also many items of interest in the Resource section of this issue, so be sure to check it out!

In solidarity,

Robin Alexander and Dan LaBotz

Contents for July, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 7
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Contents for August, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 8
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Contents for August, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 8
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Dear Brothers and Sisters, Activists and friends,

Although unusual because we just published the August, 2011 issue of Mexican Labor News and Analysis, we are publishing a supplemental issue to bring you news of one small and one large group of workers who are engaged in valiant struggles: workers at the Sandak plant in Tlaxcala, Mexico who are members of an independent union that is close to the FAT are facing a very difficult situation. We are bringing you the most recent information information about this group of 250 courageous workers and their independent union who are fighting to keep their plant open and save their jobs... Read more

Contents for September, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 9
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Any observer of the Mexican scene has to be enormously impressed with the Mexican Electrical Workers (SME) and its two years of constant struggle for the jobs and the rights of its members. Since President Felipe Calderón sent the police and army to occupy the Light and Power Company facilities almost two years ago, liquidating the company and firing 45,000 workers, the union has not ceased to engage in constant activity and to pursue every possible avenue to win justice and jobs for its members... Read more

Contents for October, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 10
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Contents for November, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 11
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Dear Readers,

A lot has happened this month. Although the negotiations between the SME and government were set to conclude on November 30, there has been no resolution, and the SME is asking us to send letters to the government. The letter sent by UE is included as our first item. Please feel free to use it as a sample or draft your own.

In addition, the Labor Board in Mexico City has promulgated new regulations that would accomplish many of the objectives of the labor law reform proposals that were introduced in the Mexican Congress during the last session. Although stayed by an injunction, this is a major fight that is likely to continue for some time and require our solidarity... Read more

Contents for December, 2011

Vol. 16 No. 12
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Arturo Silva Doray


"The relationship that we've had with international organizations
-- thanks to ties with UE   --  is hugely important.

"After each international meeting, we feel more and more encouraged by the knowledge that we're backed by outside organizations as strong as the UE."

-- Arturo Silva Doray
General secretary of municipal workers union in Juarez, Mexico
& of Federation of Municipal Workers for Chihuahua, Mexico



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