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Mexican Labor News
& Analysis

Archives 1996 to Aug. 2002


Vol.7, No.6; August, 2002 Solidarity


·       Second Anniversary of Fox Election: Disappointment

·       Secretary of Labor Invites Union Officials to Meet Pope

·       National Workers Union (UNT) Rejects Proposed Labor Law

·       Maquiladora Sector in Crisis

·       Petroleum Workers Union Negotiates Contract

·       Electrical Worker Activists Harassed

·       Euzkadi Workers Continue Fight

·       UE Terms NAFTA Case a Farce

·       Discrimination Against the Handicapped

·       Mexico and Mexico's Elderly Face Crisis

·       Social Statistics

·       Book Notes

Vol.7, No.5; June, 2002




Vol.7, No.4; May, 2002

In This Issue:


Vol.7, No.3; April, 2002


  Vol.7, No.2; February-March,2002



Vol.7, No.1; January, 2002



Vol.6, No.10; December,2001



Vol.6, No.9; November,2001


  • Global Economic and Political Crisis Grips Latin America, Mexico - by Dan La Botz
  • Digna Ochoa, Mexican Human Rights Activist Murdered
  • Union Organizes Silent March for Missing Mexican Doctor
  • Federal District Union Elects New Leader
  • Mexico's Indian Movement Takes its Case to the ILO
  • Border War Defies Mexico's Fox Administration - by David Bacon
  • CROC Violates Rights; ICFTU Postpones Admission
  • A Mexican Labor Activist Reports on the Border
  • CTM Demands that Supreme Court Stop Anti-Labor Campaign
  • Ten Thousand Sugar Workers Leave CTM, Join UNT


Vol.6, No.8; October, 2001


  • Kuk Dong Workers Win Independent Union - from Campaign for Labor Rights
  • Terror, War, and the Implications for Mexican Labor Movement- by Dan La Botz
  • CISEN Warns of Infiltration; FAT Fears Wave of Repression.
  • COPARMEX Denounces "Infiltration" by AFL-CIO
  • Mexico's Economic Crisis Continues, Deepens- by Dan La Botz
  • Morelos Governor's Body Guards Assault Garment Workers
  • Flight Attendants Settle for Disappointing 8% Wage Increase
  • Alcoa Fires 186 Workers to Get Rid of Worker Committee- by Ricardo Hernández
  • Social Movements from 39 Countries Meet in Mexico- by Kevin Murray
  • Presentation by Bertha Lujan at UE Convention


Vol.6, No.7; September, 2001


  • Fox Politics Fail as U.S. Recession Draws Mexico into Crisis
  • Maquiladora Jobs Crisis Leads to Calls for New Policies
  • Down with IVA? Down with ISR? Unions Divided in Protests Over Taxes
  • Does VW Settlement Signal New Era of Labor Relations? - by Dan La Botz
  • CROC Announces it Will Become Political Party by 2005
  • Struggle over Leadership Continues in Miners Union
  • Child Labor Remains Concentrated in Agriculture
  • Women workers fight for maternity rights, other rights


Vol.6, No.6; August, 2001


  • New Feature: Quotation of the Month
  • Auto Workers Confront VW, Challenge Fox
  • Mexican Workers Face Growing Recession, Unemployment
  • Mexico in the Grip of Globalization
  • Mexican Secretary of Agriculture Under Attack for Employing Child Labor
  • Labor Law Reform Talks Under Way
  • Workers at National Castings end 80-Day Strike
  • Ford Workers Protest Layoffs
  • Study Reveals Maquila Workers Earn Far Less than a Living Wage
  • Resources: Some recent article on Mexico
  • Book Note: MLNA Editor Launches New Book


Vol.6, No.5; May, 2001


  • May Day in Mexico: Marches Against Fox's Program
  • Supreme Court Ruling Changes Labor Law
  • Mexico City Labor Board Declares Elections by Secret Ballot
  • Secretary of Labor Abascal's Latest Moral Crusade
  • Secretary of Labor's War on Mexican Women Leads to Counterattack
  • CROC Goons Beat Independent Union Organizer at Kukdong, Puebla
  • Growth Rate Slows in Maquiladoras, Big Layoffs in Some Areas
  • Religious Group Denounces Maquiladoras for Social, Health Problems


Vol.6, No.4; April, 2001


  • Secretary of Labor Abascal Causes Furor with Words on Women
  • Documents of the Mexican Labor Movement in Translation: Secretary of Labor Abascal's Speech on Int'l Women's Day, Excerpts
  • Women in the Mexican Working Class
  • Women Workers Continue to Face Discrimination at Work
  • Women in the Mexican Labor Movement
  • Women Maquila Workers Receive International Solidarity
  • Resources


Vol.6, No.3; February, 2001


  • Fox Praises CTM Old Guard
  • Fox To Continue Pacts, Wage Ceilings
  • Secretary of Labor Abascal Attacks U.S. Unions
  • Secret Ballot Denied in Mexican Vote at Duro Maquiladora--by David Bacon
  • Zapatistas Reach Mexico Cityby Tom Hansen
  • Zapatistas meet Duro Workersfrom CJM
  • Kuk Dong Workers Form Unionby Joan Axthelm, US/LEAP and Daisy Pitkin, Camapign for Labor Rights
  • Dissident Petroleum Workers Challenge Union Election
  • Opposition in Public Employee Union Calls "Foul!"
  • Women of Juarez Demand Stop to Murders, Disappearances--from SOS inititative
  • A War to Privatize the Electrical Sector--by Michal Kohout
  • Electrical Workers' Invitation to Conference


Vol.6, No.2; February, 2001


  • Bush and Fox Meet as U.S. Recession Hits Mexico
  • Mexican Secretary of Labor Causes Controversy with Call for Ethical Wage
  • Party of Democratic Revolution and National Union of Workers Make Pact
  • Representation Election Set at Duro; CJM calls for International Observers and Support Actions - by Larry Weiss
  • Kuk-dong Plant in Puebla, Producer for Nike, Subject of Investigation, Protest
  • Documents of the Mexican Labor Movement in Translation: Opinion on Kuk-Dong - Arturo Alcalde, Mexican Attorney
  • CJM Board Moves Ahead with Alliances and Planning - by Robin Alexander
  • Documents of the Mexican Labor Movement in Translation: UNT-CJM Pact
  • Documents of the Mexican Labor Movement in Translation: Alejandra Barrales at NAO Seminar: Labor Law Reform
  • Mexico City Subway Union Boss in Face Off with PRD Mayor FACES - by Michal Kohout
  • Petroleum Workers in Hunger Strike for Union Democracy - by Michal Kohout
  • Mexican Teachers React to Election of Fox, PAN - Gavin Hainsworth
  • Railroad Union Leader Pledges Loyalty to Fox


Vol.6, No.1; January, 2001


  • Mexican Labor Year in Review: 2000-The End of the System
  • Teachers Union: The "First Charrazo" (Labor Coup) of the
  • New RegimeWorkers at Kukdong Factory in Puebla Attacked, Fired


Vol.5, No.9; December, 2000


  • Federal Employees Carry out Largest Labor Mobilization in Years - by Dan La Botz
  • Vicente Fox Becomes President of Mexico, Appoints Cabinet - by Dan La Botz
  • National Union of Workers (UNT) Holds Third Annual Convention
  • National Union of Workers (UNT) and Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras (CJM) Sign Pact
  • Authentic Labor Front (FAT) Celebrates Fortieth Anniversary
  • Bertha Lujan of FAT Joins PRD Government of Mexico City
  • Jesus Campos Linas to Head Mexico City Labor
  • Phantom Union Arrives at Duro

Documents of the Mexican Labor Movement in Translation:

  • The Principles of The Opposition Movement in the Electrical Workers Union (Suterm)

Book Review:

  • New Book on The Fat in Spanish: Forty Years of Libertarian Struggle


Vol.5, No.8; November, 2000


  • Mexican Supreme Court Rules Against CTM Leader Rodriguez Alcaine
  • Fox Praises CTM Leader Rodriguez Alcaine - by Michal Kohout
  • Analysis: Fox and PRI Unions Move Toward Accommodation, Alliance - by Dan La Botz
  • Independent Union Recognized at Duro--But Victory Still Distant
  • Mexican Union Leader's Home Burned to Ground - by David Bacon
  • Euzkadi Workers Fight Continental Take-Aways - by Pete DeMayo
  • Leadership Crisis in Miners and Metal Workers Union
  • Mexican Unionists Protest U.S. Role in Vieques, Puerto Rico
  • Review: New Book on the FAT, Mexican Labor and Globalization - by Dan La Botz
  • Review: Privatization, Politics and the Unions - by Michal Kohout


Vol.5, No.7; October, 2000


  • Fox's Posture on Labor Highly Contradictory - by Dan La Botz
  • CJM, UNT Joint Conference: Declaration on Maquiladora Workers' Rights
  • Classic Case and New Beginning: Two Attempts to Organize Workers in Mexico - by Michal Kohout
  • Health and Safety in the Mexican Workplace: Some Anecdotes
  • Women Union Members Defend Reproductive Rights in Mexico - Translation
  • Companies in Mazatlan Fire Workers with HIV
  • HIV Clinic Under Attack by "Pro-Life" Hooligans - Translation
  • Mexico City Workers Denounce Unjustified Layoffs - Translation


Vol.5, No.6; September, 2000


  • Fox Faces First Major Scandal: Family Firm Employs Child Labor
  • Child Labor in Mexico Continues to be Serious Problem
  • What is the Mexican Child Labor Law?
  • U.S. Labor Unions Protest Beating of Mexican Workers at NAFTA Seminar in Tijuana, Demand New Open Seminar; Steelworkers' Becker Calls for Re-negotiating NAFTA
  • Major Mexican Unions Plan to Create New Labor Federation
  • PRD and PAN Seek Common Ground on Question of Labor Law Reform
  • Unions Call for Abolition of National Minimum Wage Commission (CNSM)
  • Making History: The 2000 Volkswagen Strike - by Michal Kohout
  • University Union Votes to Strike for 40% Wage Hike, Demands Greater Role - by Michal Kohout
  • UE-FAT Alliance Inaugurates Mural Dedicated to Women and International Solidarity - by Peter Gilmore
  • The Story of a Maquiladora Workers: An Interview with Omar Gil - by David Bacon


Vol.5, No.5; August, 2000


  • With Fox Election, Mexican Labor Faces Greatest Crisis in 65 Years --by Dan La Botz
  • Teacher Union Leader Gordillo: Into the Fox Cabinet?
  • Mexican Electrical Workers Union (SME) To Meet with Fox *Petroleum Worker Dissidents Seek Support from Fox
  • ILO Censures Mexico for Violation Workers' Rights
  • Rodriguez Alcaine to Face Challenge in Electrical Union (SUTERM)
  • Just South of Texas, Democracy Faces Its Hardest Test --by David Bacon
  • Police Beat Workers at Lear Company Maquiladora in Ciudad Juarez
  • Juarez: Mexican Construction Workers Riot Over Slave Labor Conditions
  • Opposition in Miners & Metal Workers Fight Succession by Leader's Son
  • Petroleum Workers' Opposition Unites; Request Observers to Protect Vote
  • Mexican Women Strike for Recognition of Value of Housework
  • Gasoline Station Attendants who Labor for Tips win Union Registration --by Don Sherman
  • Tehuacan, a Neoliberal Paradise --by Don Sherman
  • SME Holds Forum on Globalization and Labor Law Reform --by Michal Kohout
  • UE and FAT Continue Artistic Collaboration with New Mural Celebrating Women and Solidarity
  • Book Review: What is the National Action Party? And Who is Fox? --by Dan La Botz


Vol.5, No.4; July, 2000


Special Election Coverage

  • Ruling Party's Historic Defeat in Mexico Vote Changes Political Panorama - by Peter Gellert
  • Fox Wins Presidency, Ends PRI Rule: Democracy or Neoliberalism? - by Dan La Botz
  • The New Indian Face of Insurgent Politics in Baja California - by David Bacon
  • Vote Fraud Did Not Affect Election Outcome, But Problems Persist - Global Exchange report summary

Regular Labor Coverage

  • Workers in Rio Bravo Fight for Independent Union
  • Teachers' Fight for Higher Wages and Better Education Ends in Stalemate
  • Mexican Government Commandeers Aeromexico to Stop Attendants Strike
  • Strikers Beaten at NAFTA-Sponsored Hearing - by David Bacon
  • Miners and Metal Workers Union Leaders Puts Son In Line for Succession
  • Conditions in Maquiladoras Lead to Walkouts, Strikes, Conflicts


Vol.5, No.3; March, 2000


  • How the Mighty are Fallen: CT and CTM: Official Federations in Decline
  • National Union of Workers (UNT): Politically Divided
  • Siemens Autoparts Workers Vote for Independent UNT union, not CROC
  • Dissident Teachers and State Organizations March for Higher Wages
  • National Action Party (PAN) Attacks Mexican Electrical Workers (SME)
  • Telephone Workers Union Opens Contract Negotiations with TELMEX
  • Mexico City Government Demands Protection for Gas Station Attendants
  • Candidate for Union Office Assassinated
  • Social Statistics


Vol.5, No.2; February, 2000


  • Citizens Capture, Disarm Police in Reaction to Attack on Student Strikers - by Dan La Botz
  • Rodriguez Alcaine Re-Elected CT Pres.; Says Workers Should Vote PRI
  • Labastida Promises Pact to Create Jobs, Raise Wages
  • Hotel Workers Leave CTM, May Join UNT
  • Maquiladora Sector Leads Mexican Economy: 11.8% Annual Growth Rate
  • Workers Seize and Occupy Juarez Maquiladora Over Severance Pay
  • Petroleum Workers Protest in Undershorts at PRI Headquarters
  • Wage Conflicts in Several Industries
  • Puebla: The Way the System Works
  • SME on Globalization: "We Are All the Nation."


Vol.5, No.1; January, 2000


  • The Mexican Labor Year in Review: 1999


To our readers:

Our apologies for failing to post issues of MLNA during November and December, 1999. Dan Labotz had a new job, a new city, a new house, and a mal-functioning computer and consequently wasn't able to produce MLNA for a few months. (For those of you who are curious, he is now working for Global Exchange in San Francisco!)

In Solidarity,

Robin Alexander

Vol.4, No.16; October 16th, 1999


  • Storms, Floods Expose Reality of Neo-Liberal Policies - by Dan La Botz
  • University Union May Strike; Complicated by Student Strike
  • Independent Union at SEMARNAP Demands Zedillo Enforce Law
  • Manifesto: No To Privatization
  • ederal Government's Austerity Budget: 44,000 Worker Layoff
  • Flight Attendants Lose to CTM at TAESA for Second Time
  • Federal Labor Board Validates CROC's Victory at Coca Cola
  • Labor Violence--Eternal Impunity - by Arturo Alcalde Justiniani
  • Continental Tire Fires 18 Union Members at Euzkadi Plant - by Don Sherman
  • Garment Workers Union Must Vacate: PRD Gov't in Mexico City


Vol.4, No.15; October 2nd, 1999


  • CTM Endorses Labastida, Criticizes PRI Economic Policies
  • NT, SME, FSM Sign Unity Pact
  • UNT and AFL-CIO Sign Pact Calling for Revision of NAFTA
  • TAESA Flight Attendants Ask for New Representation Election
  • deral District Starts Union Register to End Phoney Unions
  • CROC Fights Rival Union, Hundreds Involved, Ten Injured
  • Airline Union Officials Beat Dissidents at Public Forum
  • Documents in Translation: UNT-SME-FSM Unity Pact


Vol.4, No.14; September 16, 1999


  • National Union of Workers for Alternative Economic Policy
  • Hernandez Juarez Will Not be Candidate in Telephone Union
  • CTM Leader Rodriguez Alcaine Invests in Tijuana Company
  • FAT Workers Picket Plant; Seek International Labor Help
  • Cardenas Steps Down as Mexico City Mayor; PRI Unions Role
  • UTERM Head Reverses Position on Privatization, He Says
  • New Unions Proliferate in Public Sector after court ruling
  • Flight Attendants Union Wins 21% Wage Increase
  • Peasant Organizations in Conflicts in Various States
  • Zedillo Speaks Against Child Field Labor; Did Not Stop It
  • Maquiladoras Up by Almost 10% in First Half
  • Miners & Metal Workers Union Settles with Cananea at 16%
  • Retired Railroad Workers Accuse Union Leader of Fraud
  • Prison Workers Sit-Down Strike for Back Pay
  • Social Statistics


Vol.4, No.13; September 2, 1999


  • The Mexican Presidential Election and Labor - by Dan La Botz
  • The United States and the Mexican Elections
  • Electrical Workers and Allies March Against Privatization
  • TAESA Tries to Make Deal with Flight Attendants Union
  • Maquiladora Workers Wages Fall by 23 Percent in Five Years
  • Farm Workers Riot in San Quintin Again
  • Mexico City Government Agency Calls Housewives' Strike
  • Social Statistics


Vol. 4, No.12; July, 1999


  • Opposition Beats PRI in Nayarit, PRI Wins in Mexico State- by Peter Gellert
  • INEGI Workers Form Independent Union - by Elyce Hues
  • Congeladora del Rio Workers Fight for Union Recognition - by Don Sherman
  • Mexico City Signs Pact With Grocery Stores on Child Labor
  • Mexican Electrical Workers Union (SME) Leaves Congress of Labor (CT)
  • CTM Head Rodriguez Alcaine Attacks Student Strikers, PRD
  • CROC Proposes to CTM Creation of New Labor Federation
  • CROC Plays Political Dirty Trick
  • Gov't Denies UNT Seat on National Minimum Wage Commission
  • Tri-National Worker-to-Worker Exchange - by Peter Gilmore
  • Book Review: James D. Cockcroft's "Mexico's Hope" - by Dan La Botz
  • Book Notes: Vote without Borders, Cananea Copper Mine


Vol. 4, No.11; June 16th, 1999


  • The Media, Power and Politics: The Murder of Paco Stanley - by Peter Gellert
  • Teachers End Mobilization With Mixed Results
  • Teachers' Groups Support Cuauhtemoc Cardenas for President
  • SUTERM Electrical Workers: Rebellion and Repression
  • Mexican Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Sosa Texcoco Strikers
  • The Supreme Court Decision on Public Employee Unions: An Interview with Roberto Tooms - by Don Sherman


Vol. 4, No.10; June 2nd, 1999


  • Mexican Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Independent Unions - by Dan La Botz
  • Thousands of SUTERM Members Rally Against Privatization
  • Over 200,000 Teachers Strike for High Wages, Other Demands
  • FSTSE Endorses Labastida Ochoa for PRI Presidential Candidate in 2000
  • PAN Union Leaders Meet; Some Want PAN Labor Federation
  • MPI Holds Anti-War Demonstration in Mexico City
  • Social Statistics - Unemployment, Wages, Strikes


Vol. 4, No. 9; May 16th, 1999


Women in Mexican Society, The Workforce, and the Labor Movement

  • Women's Social Status, Education
  • Women in the Labor Market
  • Women's Wages
  • Wage Discrimination by Job Categories
  • Women's Higher Unemployment Rates
  • Women Domestic Workers
  • Women in the Informal Sector
  • Women Sex Workers/Prostitutes
  • Women Who are Retired and Pensioned
  • Women Maquiladora Workers
  • Women and the Labor Movement
  • Women workers' Legislative Agenda


Vol. 4, No. 8; May 2nd, 1999


  • Mexico Marks May Day with Huge March - by Peter Gellert
  • MST to Found Labor Party in Mexico
  • University Union Votes "Full Support" to Student Strike
  • Teachers Union Leadership Reaches Agreement with Local 9
  • Teachers Contract Negotiations Begins--with Talk, Strikes
  • Mexico Opposes U.S.-NATO War; Anti War Demo in Capital
  • Mexico Solidarity Network Tour: May Day with Mexican Labor
  • Three May Day Manifestos: CT, UNT, and CIPM


Vol. 4, No. 7; April 16th, 1999


  • Electrical Workers Continue Struggle Against Privatization - Dan La Botz
  • May First--"Offical" Unions Rally, Independents March
  • Palacios Alcocer Appointed Sec'y Labor, UNT Unimpressed
  • Strike at Hilsa Shoe Plant Continues - Don Sherman
  • Telephone Workers May Strike for 27 Percent Wage Increase
  • 2,000 Construction Workers Riot in Nuevo Leon Over Pay Delay
  • 93 Percent of Strikes in Federal District are Phoney
  • DINA Union Accept 10 Percent Wage Increase After Strike


Vol. 4, No. 6; April 2nd, 1999


  • Zapatista Indigenous Rights Referendum Big Success - Peter Gellert
  • 100,000 March Against Privatization of Electrical Industry - Don Sherman
  • "Official" Electrical Workers Join Fight Against Privatization
  • Students Fight Tuition Increase at National University - Jeremy Simer
  • Teachers Union Overturns Local 9 Elections, Blanca Luna Out
  • INEGI Workers Continue Fight for Jobs - Elyce Hues
  • Congress of Labor Backs Former Labor Secretary for President
  • No May Day March--Congress of Labor; We Will March--UNT
  • Multinationals Promise Zedillo $10 Billion in Investment
  • Feature: U.S. Groups' Solidarity Visit to Mexico - Bill Lange
  • Social Statistics - Employment, Wages, Inflation
  • Resources - NACLA on Labor in Latin America

Vol. 4, No. 5; March 16th, 1999


  • Mexican Movements Converge, Rocking the Boat - by Dan La Botz
  • PRI Suffers Setbacks in State Elections - by Peter Gellert
  • Zapatistas Organize National Referendum on Indigenous Rights - by Dan La Botz
  • University Imposes Tuition, Students Threaten General Strike - by Peter Gellert
  • Justice Denied to Custom Trim Workers - from Campaign for Labor Rights
  • Miners' Strike Broken in Revolutionary Cananea - by David Bacon

Vol. 4, No. 4; March 2nd,1999


  • Girl's Murder: Sad Symbol of Corporate Power on the Border - by Dan La Botz
  • Women and Children, Labor Base of Mexican, North American Economy - by Dan La Botz
  • Mexican Electrical Workers Union (SME) Founds National Front Against Privatization - by Don Sherman
  • Fight over Privatization of Electrical Industry Classic Drama--Good versus Evil - by Dan La Botz
  • Miners Local 65 Ends Strike at Cananea Copper Mine
  • Rocha of Social Security Union Denies Plans to Leave UNT
  • Mexican Court Ruling Supports Independent Union in Secretary of Environment
  • Telephone Union Seeks 45% Wage Increase; Dissidents Criticize Union
  • CTM Spends $1.2 Million Pesos on Statue of Fidel


Vol. 4, No. 3; February 16th, 1999


  • Clinton, Zedillo Embrace: Symbol of Commitment to Capital - by Dan La Botz
  • Campaign Frees Mexican Teachers - by Dan Leahy
  • Under Pressure, Cananea Miners Say They Will Return to Work, Issues Remain, Struggle Continues - by George Shriver
  • Dissident Oil Workers Create National Democratic Alliance
  • Mexican Electrical Workers (SME) Fights Privatization
  • CT and CTM Criticize UNT for Creating Mexican Labor Party
  • Press Reports Social Security Workers Union May Leave UNT
  • CTM Leader Linked to Attempted Murder of Reporter, Family in Nuevo Leon - from Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras


Vol. 4, No. 2; February 2nd, 1999


Part 1: The Fight for the Teachers

  • International Campaign to Free Mexican Teachers - by Dan Leahy
  • 50,000 Teachers March to Demand Freedom for Local 9 Leaders - by Don Sherman
  • Movement Builds for Jailed Teachers: Background, Analysis - by Elyce Hues

Part 2: The Miners' Struggle

  • Arizona Labor Holds Rally, Food Drive for Cananea Miners - by George Shriver
  • Diary of a Solidarity Caravan to Cananea - by George Shriver
  • Fact Sheet on the Cananea Copper Mine - from Local 65 Information Committee

Part 3: The MST: The Founding of a Labor Party?

  • Unions Found New Political Organization: The Social Movement of Workers (MST) -by Dan La Botz
  • Historical Note: Pitfalls of Labor Political Action in Mexico - by Dan La Botz


Vol. 4, No. 1; January 16th, 1999

IN THIS ISSUE: The Year in Review:

  • Mexican Political-Economic Year in Review: Crisis Continues by Robert Donnelly, Dan La Botz and Peter Gellert
  • Mexico's Labor Year in Review: UNT, the Pole of Attraction by Dan La Botz

Regular Articles

  • Mexican Teachers Arrested for Protest in Senate
  • Congress of Labor: CTM's Rodriguez Alcaine to Preside
  • Cananea Strike Continues, May Spread; U.S. Solidarity
  • Custom Trim Workers Win Decision
  • Rank and File Wins in Nuevo Laredo City Workers Union
  • INEGI Fires 270 Temporaries for Demanding Permanent Status by Elyce Hues


Vol. 3, No. 22; December 16th, 1998


  • UNT Calls National Work Stoppages
  • Labor Unions and Social Movements Protest Economic Policies
  • Inflation Taking a Bigger Bite Than Expected - by Rob Donnelly
  • Miners' Strike at Cananea Goes on, Union Seek Support
  • Unionists Arrested in Tijuana - Campaign for Labor Rights
  • Washington State Apple Pickers File NAO Complaint in Mexico by Rob Donnelly
  • Plant Closes in Revenge for Cross-Border Organizing - by David Bacon
  • Bus Drivers Continue Strike Against Three Gold Stars - by Don Sherman"Concentration Camps" for Farmworkers in Baja California
  • Concern and Condolences for Colleague
  • Social Statistics


Vol. 3, No. 21; December 2nd,1998


  • The EZLN, Chiapas and Peace - by Jess Kincaid
  • The UNT's First Anniversary, Expectations Unfulfilled
  • Miners Strike Cananea, Company Threatens Massive Layoff
  • Debtors Group, El Barzon, Launches New Protests
  • PROCESO Warns of Dangerous New Company Union, the CNT
  • On AIDS Awareness Day, AIDS Still On the Rise in Mexico
  • The Authentic Labor Front Newspaper "Worker Resistance," (an English language summary from the latest issue).
  • Social Statistics


Vol. 3, No. 20; November 16th, 1998


  • Struggle for Mexico City Teachers Local Spills Into Senate, Creates National Controversy, Crisis for Opposition
  • Closing of CONASUPO Could Bring More Hunger to Millions
  • Petroleum Union Dissidents Warn of Privatization Threat
  • AFL-CIO & CTM Enter Agreement to Protect Mexicans in U.S.
  • Secretary of Labor Denies Existence of Protection Contracts
  • Cardenas: For Strong Unions, Against Neo-Liberalism
  • Fuentes Denounces Attorneys' Goon Squads at Labor Board
  • CTM Leader Rodriguez Alcaine Accused of Embezzlement
  • Alejandra Barrales Re-Elected Head of Flight Attendants
  • ANT Plans Actions to Help Teachers, City and R.R. Workers
  • Secretary of Labor Rejects 22% Increase in Minimum
  • NAO Hearing in Canada on Health & Safety at Dana's Itapsa - by Elyce Hues
  • No 'White Knight' in Echlin, Dana, Itapsa Story - by John Enagonio
  • Banks Layoff 20,000 Workers in Mexico


Vol. 3, No. 19; November 2nd, 1998


  • CTM Says No to Pay Increase, Fears Inflation
  • UNT to Celebrate First Anniversary with National Convention
  • Privatization of Airports Leads to Termination of 6,500
  • Mexican Union Women Demand End to Sexual Discrimination - by Don Sherman
  • First Tribunal on Motherhood and Labor
  • Mexican Unionists of FAT Tour Midwest, Visit UE Locals
  • Abuses of Peasants Continue as State Cuts Programs
  • Theory and Practice: Gendered Class Analysis - by James D. Cockcroft
  • Social Statistics


Vol. 3, No. 18; October 16th, 1998


  • Chiapas State Elections - by Jess Kincaid
  • Unions Remain Divided Over LFT Reform: Bloc vs. ANT
  • CTM Leader Supports Bankers, Not Debtors
  • Mexican Teachers March Over Economy, Human Rights
  • Mexico City Water Workers Strike Against Cardenas and Union Head
  • Flores to Dissolve Railroad Union, Create Weaker One
  • Democratic Telephone Workers Say Sub-Contracting Cost Jobs
  • Social Security Workers Union Elects Rocha New Leader
  • Han Young Workers Fight for Union Goes On
  • A Reflection on the Tlatelolco Massacre - by Salvador Zarco


Vol. 3, No. 17; October 2nd, 1998


  • Mexico Marks 1968 Massacre - by Peter Gellert
  • Mexican Floods Highlight System's Defects - by Peter Gellert
  • National Assembly of Workers (ANT) Marches in Mexico City
  • Claims of Fraud in Social Security Workers Union Election
  • Struggle Continues Between Cardenas and PRI Unions
  • Cananea Miners File Writ for $19.5 Million Dollars
  • National University Union (STUNAM) Demands 50 Percent Raise
  • Railroad Union Leaders Denies Plans to Dissolve Union
  • Retirees, Pensioners and Older Adults Demand Increase

    Vol. 3, No. 16; September 16th, 1998


    • Zedillo Avoids Labor Issues in State of Nation Message - by Robert Donnelly
    • Hyundai Under Pressure to Recognize Han Young Union
    • Maquiladoras: Strongest, Fastest Growing Sector
    • Mexican Railroad Workers Union May Dissolve
    • Democratic CROC Accuses Juarez Blancas of Violent Attack
    • Avon Director Accused of Sexual Harassment


    Vol. 3, No. 15; September 2nd, 1998


    • Mexico Faces Economic Crisis--Labor Promises Not to Fight - by Dan La Botz
    • Bank Rescue Controversy Contributes to Crisis - by Peter Gellert
    • Coalition Forms to Stop Labor Law Reform - by Don Sherman
    • Unemployment Insurance in Mexico??
    • Volkswagen Workers Union Settles for 21 Percent Increase
    • GM Delphi Division Closes Mexican Plant
    • Mexican Petroleum Institute Workers Want 45% Increase Part II
    • UE Hosts Canadian and Mexican Political Leaders
    • Manuel Fuentes, Mexico City Director of Labor Speech to UE
    • Social Statistics


    Vol. 3, No. 14; August 16th, 1998


    • Mexican Labor and the Current Political Context
    • NAO Blasts Echlin & Mexican Government for Health and Safety
    • Democratic Group keeps Control of Local 9 of Teachers Union
    • CROC Dissidents Repudiate Juarez Blancas, Create "New CROC"
    • Railroad Workers Create New International Relationships
    • Social Security Union Leaders Choose 'Unity' Candidate
    • Cardenas Under Increasing Pressure from PRI Unions
    • Boys and Girls Work in Supermarkets for Tips Only
    • National Alliance of Democratic Unionism (ANSD) Founded
    • Mining and Metal Workers: Demonstration, Lay-offs, Pensions
    • Petroleum Workers Union Dissident Warns of 30,000 Layoffs
    • Sex-Workers Hold Second National Meeting


    Vol. 3, No. 13; July 16th, 1998


    • PRI Makes Comeback in State Elections - by Peter Gellert
    • Struggle for Control of Biggest Teachers Union Local
    • Lessons from the Defeat of an Autonomous Maquiladora Union - by Fred Rosen
    • Health Authorities Alarmed by Maquiladora T.B. Outbreak
    • Workers Protest Lead Poisoning in Maquiladora
    • Dissident Petroleum Workers Demand Romero D. Step Down
    • Margil Yanez Runs for Top Office in Social Security Union
    • Interview with Social Security Union Dissidents
    • Mexican Farm Workers as "Slave Labor" in Mexico and U.S.
    • Mexico Completes Privatization of Railroads Amidst Protests
    • Pennsylvania Local Union Hosts Mexican and Canadian Workers
    • District 1199P/SEIU Resolution on International Solidarity


    Vol. 3, No. 12; June 16th, 1998


    • Flight Attendants Strike at Aeromexico: Symbolic Victory - by Dan La Botz
    • Han Young Workers Continue Fight, As Police Reopen Plant - by David Bacon
    • Two Strikes in Maquiladoras; Thousands Involved
    • Independent Union at National Castings Strikes & Wins
    • CTM Headquarters Goes "Lean"--Layoffs Begin
    • CTM Uses Violence Against Dissidents in Cancun, Q.R.
    • Mexican Electrical Workers (SME), Opponent of Privatization - by Don Sherman
    • Three May Days in Mexico--A Reflection - by Hector de la Cueva


    Vol. 3, No. 11; June 2nd, 1998


    • May Mobilization of Teachers--Tens of Thousands March
    • Border Bosses Go All Out to Break Strike at Han Young - by David Bacon
    • Mexico City Workers Union Elects New Leader
    • With 130 Women Dead--Parish Buries Three More Victims - by Fred Rosen
    • Mar Bran Fires 22 Workers for Protest over Profit Sharing
    • Labor Law Reform--New Positions, New Alliances
    • Mexican Congress to Open Debate on Labor Law Reform - by Dan La Botz
    • PRD Labor Law Reform Proposal - by Arturo Alcalde
    • Sosa Texcoco: Five Years on Strike and Still Fighting - by Salvador Zarco
    • Correction
    • Sorry, No Social Statistics this Issue.


    Vol. 3, No. 10; May 16th, 1998


    • Zedillo Cabinet Shuffle: New Secretary of Labor, by Linda Stevenson
    • Mexican Unions File NAFTA Case Against U.S. Gov't
    • U.S. and Mexican Unions Meet, Adopt Joint Resolution
    • Intense Struggle in Mexico City Public Employees' Union
    • Judge Sentences 12 Bus Driver Union Leaders to 9 Years
    • Attorneys Call Labor Authorities "chaotic" and "corrupt"
    • Mexico's "White Unions" Don't March on May Day
    • Resources: Two Useful Articles on Mexican Unions for Canadian and U.S. Union Member


    Vol. 3, No. 9; May 2nd, 1998


    • May Day in Mexico--Three Separate Demonstrations - by Peter Gellert
    • CTM Coup in the Congress of Labor (CT) - by Dan La Botz
    • Rodriguez Alcaine Implicated in Embezzlement--PROCESO
    • Congressmen Won't Give CTM Leader Cadillac as Planned
    • Dissidents in Mexico City Union Could Give Cardenas a Break
    • Revelations of Gov't Spying: Mexico City, Campeche, Tabasco
    • Need a Goon Squad? Go to the Labor Board Building
    • Medical Residents End Strike
    • Mine Accident and Child Labor International Solidarity
    • Two Summits: The Governments' and the Peoples' - by Andrew Elmore
    • May Day, Mexico, Korea, United States, Some Thought - by Young-Il Lim, Linda Stevenson, and Jess Kincaid
    • U.S. Transportation Union Officials Visit Mexico


    Vol. 3, No. 8; April 16, 1998


    • Peoples' Summit in Chile Proposes Alternatives by Fred Rosen
    • Union Federations to Mobilize Separately on May 1st by Jess Kincaid
    • Social Security Workers Union and Privatization by Don Sherman
    • Institutionalists and Opposition in the Teachers Union by Sam Smucker
    • Pedro Jasso's One-Man Protest by Rob Donnelly


    Vol. 3, No. 7; April 2, 1998


    • Mexican Government Launches Offensive Against Zapatistas - by Peter Gellert
    • UNT Marches Against Economic Policies, Privatization - by Andrew Elmore.
    • Mexican Railroad Workers' Situation Still Unresolved - by Dan La Botz
    • U.S. Rail Unions Show Solidarity with Mexican workers
    • NAO hears Echlin Complaint
    • Seven Thousand Secretary of Agrarian Reform Workers Strike
    • Women Domestic Workers Speak Out on Their International Day
    • Coahuila State Legislature Investigates Maquiladora Firings
    • Mexican Government Double-Crosses Maquiladora Workers


    Vol. 3, No. 6; March 16, 1998


    • New Teachers Union President Elected; Charges of Fraud - by Sam Smucker
    • Railroad Workers End Strike in Sonora; Some Jobs Saved - by Dan La Botz
    • Mexican Electrical Workers Avoid Privatization, No Strike - by Fred Rosen
    • CTM Elects Rodriguez Alcaine; Changes Position on NAFTA
    • New Tripartite Pact Criticized by UNT, FAT
    • Social Statistics

    Special Report on teachers' Union; March 4, 1998


    Special Issue for International Women's Day: March, 1998


    • First National Women's Parliament Meets, Discusses Labor - by Linda Stevenson
    • Women's Struggles on Many Fronts
    • Women Hold Third Annual Fair in Mexico City - by Linda Stevenson
    • Women: The New Leaders in Mexican Society - by Dan La Botz
    • Social Statistics on Women


    Vol. 3, No. 5; March 2, 1998


    • Railroad Workers Wildcat Strikes Paralyze Major Line - by Dan La Botz
    • Government, Pres Launch Anti-Foreign Campaign - by Peter Gellert
    • Han Young Management Violates Agreement
    • NAO Hears First Health, Safety Complaint, Against Han Young - by Jess David Kincaid
    • Part II:
    • The State of the Federations: CIPM, UNT, CTM, CT by Sam Smucker
    • The UNT Three Months Later: What's Been Done?
    • The CTM Under Attack: Rich Leaders, Corrupt, Un-Democratic
    • Congress of Labor at 32: The Crisis of Official Unionism

    Vol. 3, No. 4; February 16, 1998


    • Cardenas Charges Corruption in Former PRI Administration
    • First Workers' Health and Safety Case Under NAFTA
    • Teachers Union Opposition Groups Meet With Union Leadership
    • New Trend of Rising Labor Struggle??
    • Dissident Railroad Workers Protest Re-election of Flores
    • Bank Workers Face Huge Layoffs
    • DINA Auto Workers Win 24.5 Wage Increase
    • Public Health Workers Engage in Work Stoppages
    • Agriculture Workers Carry out Work Stoppages and Sit-Ins
    • Federal Labor Law Debate: Background


    Vol. 3, No. 3; February 2, 1998


    • AFL-CIO's Sweeney Makes Historic Visit to Mexico
    • CTM Union Strikes 10 Maquiladoras; 13,000 Workers Involved
    • Mexican Teachers Mobilize; Prepare for National Convention
    • Mayor Cardenas Survives First Encounter with PRI Unions
    • Victor Flores Expels Dissident Railroad Workers
    • Farm Laborers Riot in Sinaloa over Wage Chiseling
    • DINA Auto Workers to Strike February 6 for 35% Wage Hike
    • Federations Jockey Over May Day March
    • Correction


    Vol. 3, No. 2; January 16, 1998


    • The Acteal Massacre and Its Aftermath
    • Labor and Acteal
    • Cardenas Will Confront Problems with Labor, Workers
    • CTM Offensive: Will Organize Peasants, Maquiladora Workers
    • Han Young/Hyundai Workers Win Collective Bargaining Rights
    • Echlin Agrees to Meet with Alliance
    • ITAPSA Echlin--The Struggle Continues
    • Minimum Wage Increase of 14.7% Called 'Criminal'
    • Oil Workers' Leader La Quina Released from Prison
    • Oil Workers Protest Corruption
    • Teacher Dissidents May Put Up Unified Opposition Slate
    • University Workers Demand Higher Wages, Threaten Strikes
    • Mexican Electrical Workers Seek 61% Wage Increase
    • Social Statistics


    Vol. 3, No. 1; January 2, 1998



    • 1997 Year of Reform
    • The Underlying Crisis Unresolved
    • The Opposition: A Survey
    • The National Action Party (PAN)
    • The PRD and Cuauhtemoc
    • The Zapatistas and the FZLN
    • The Crisis in "Official" Unionism
    • The Split in the Foro
    • The Founding of the UNT
    • The May First Interunion Coordinating Committee
    • The FAT and la CNTE
    • New International Labor Solidarity
    • Han Young and ITAPSA-Echlin: An Experiment in Strategies
    • Conclusion: Reform Creates a Space


    Vol. 2, No. 23; December 16, 1997




    Vol. 2, No. 22; December 5, 1997


    • Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Takes Office as Mayor: High Stakes
    • Cardenas and the Challenge of Cleaning Up the Labor Board
    • National Union of Workers (UNT) Founded: A Step Forward
    • FAT Leader Martinez Elected to UNT Vice-Presidency
    • FAT Holds 11th Convention: A Model of Democracy, Feminism
    • Women of FAT Adopt Integrative Approach to Gender Issues
    • FAT Cooperative Sector Responds to Women, Indians
    • Han Young Workers' Hunger Strike Enters Third Week


    Vol. 2, No. 21; November 16, 1997


    • New Labor Federation to Hold Founding Convention This Month
    • Mexican Labor Board Refuses to Certify Union at Hyundai Feeder Plant in Tijuana
    • FAT NAO Complaint Challenges Tijuana's PAN Governor
    • Luis Velazquez Jacks--King of Protection Contracts?
    • Resources: Health and Safety in Maquiladoras
    • Social Statistics


    • Seccion en Espanol (Spanish Language Section): UNT Y LA CIMP EN LA OPTICA DEL XI CONGRESO DEL FAT


    Vol. 2, No. 20; November 2, 1997


    • UNT Gains Adherents, Drafts Democratic Statutes
    • Mexico's New Democracy Hits Local Politics
    • FSTSE, Public Employees Union, Threatened by Democracy
    • Petroleum Workers Protest Union Election Fraud
    • Over 100,000 Teachers Strike, Demonstrate for Higher Pay
    • Rebellion by Three Locals of Environmental Agency Union
    • IMSS Workers Win 25% Wage Package Through Mobilizations
    • Secretary of Health Workers Win 19 Percent Wage Increase
    • FAT to Hold National Congress; Set Course for Next 3 Years
    • Follow-up: Han Young Election, NAFTA NAO Complaint Filed
    • Don't Buy a Hyundai: National Boycott Launched
    • DINA Workers Win 31% Wage Increase--Trend or Aberration?
    • Union Official Begins Hunger Strike to Save Pensions
    • University Union (STUNAM) Settles for 17 percent.
    • Kimberly Clark Workers Reject Wage Offer, Strike Continues
    • Social Statistics


    Vol. 2, No. 19; October 16, 1997


    • Maquiladora Workers Elect Independent Union: FAT
    • More Workers Fired, Hyundai Boycott Threatened
    • Petroleum Workers Union Elections: Farce
    • Analysis: Has the Time Arrived for Labor Law Reform?
    • The UNT and the Independent Union Movement
    • Sorry, no Social Statistics


    Vol. 2, No. 18; October 2, 1997


    • Petroleum Workers Launch Movement for Union Democracy
    • Teacher Dissidents Propose Unified Opposition Slate
    • Laguna Verde Nuclear Workers Fight for Pay, Mourn Death
    • Han Young Maquiladora Workers to Vote in Historic Election
    • FAT Proposes Democratic Structure for New Labor Federation
    • ITAPSA-ECHLIN Workers--The Struggle Continues
    • CONALEP Workers Win Right to Register in Part A
    • Decentralization of Secretary of Health or Neoliberalitis
    • Sugar Workers Set Strike Date, Seize Plant
    • Agricultural Employers Want to Change Child Labor Practices
    • International Labor Solidarity--and Art!
    • Taking the Measure of NAFTA
    • Social Statistics


    Vol. 2, No. 17; September 16, 1997


    • Zapatistas Arrive in Mexico City
    • National Workers Assembly to Establish New Federation
    • Hector Valdes Romo Elected President of CT
    • Rodriguez Alcaine to Head CTM to 2004
    • Railroad Workers Launch New Movement to Save Jobs
    • Teachers: Democracy, Factions, Torture, Murder
    • Itapsa-Echlin Workers Forced to Vote for CTM
    • University Strikes and Threats of a National Strike
    • Social Statistics
    • Labor Book Notes: Diaz-polanco on Zapatistas



    Vol. 2, No. 16; August 2, 1997


    • Mexican Labor Unions to Form New Federation
    • Eighteen Miners Killed in Canadian - Mexican Mine
    • Public Employees Jailed, Released in Tabasco
    • Privatization and Reorganization Bring RR Layoffs
    • ANAD Seek Court Order to Stop Social Security Reform
    • Negotiations in 42-Day Strike at National Pedagocial University
    • Petroleum Workers Settle for 19%
    • Federal Employees Demand 20%
    • Social Security Workers Seek 22 to 25%
    • Teacher Freed After 18 Days of Kidnapping and Torture
    • La CNTE Vows to Take Control of El SNTE
    • Social Statistics
    • LABOR BOOK NOTES: Books on Cuauhtemoc and the PRD


    Vol. 2, No. 15; July 16, 1997


    • Unions Criticize NAFTA'S 3-YEAR RECORD
    • Divisions in the Foro group
    • Management Proposes, Unions Reject, Changes in Labor Law
    • Congress of Labor Proposes 25% Wage Increase
    • Teachers Mobilizations Bring Small Victories
    • Railroad Workers Will Resist Lay-Offs
    • Attacks on Peasants Continue
    • Retirees Demonstrate for Higher Pensions
    • FESEBES Warns: Big Firms Escaping Social Security
    • Blas Chumacero Dies: Was Number Two Man in CTM
    • Kentucky Fried Chicken and CTM Goons
    • News of the Authentic Labor Front (FAT)
    • Also Posted Today: Special Issue on Elections, Vol. 2, No. 14


    Vol. 2, No. 14; July 16, 1997


    • Special Issue the Mexican Elections


    Vol. 2, No. 13; July 2, 1997


    • Cardenas Leads; PRI Could Lose Control of Congress
    • After Fidel - CTM Overtures to Foro Group
    • Protests Against New Social Security Law
    • Mexico Privatizes Second Major Railway Line
    • Teachers Continue Mobilization in Provinces
    • Retirees and Widows Protest to Demand Higher Pensions
    • Human Rights Groups Criticize Mexico for Torture
    • Free Press in Mexico?? Fifty Attacks on Reporters or Media
    • Social Statistics: Production, Employment Up, Wages Down
    • Labor Book Notes: Zapatistas, NAFTA and Education, Union Administration of the Railroads


    Vol. 2, Special Issue; June 22, 1997

    In This Issue:

    • Fidel Velazquez Obituary


    Vol. 2, No. 12; June 16, 1997
    In This Issue:

    • Protests Wind Down With Some Gains
    • Leads in Mayor's Race; Fight with Bankers
    • Zedillo Launches New Economic Plan - PRONAFIDE
    • Foro Unions Plan National Assembly of Proletariat
    • ILO says Mexico Does Not Respect Workers/Union Rights
    • Nuclear Workers Oppose Management Offensive
    • Call for Intercontinental Union of Migrant Workers
    • CT: Procter and Gamble Cheated on Profit Sharing
    • CJM Calls for Justice for One Million Maquiladora Workers
    • SITUAM Threatens Strike on July 1
    • Factory Explosion Injures 10
    • Social Statistics


    Vol. 2, No. 11; June 2, 1997
    In This Issue:

    • Special Feature: The Mexico City Mayoral Election
    • Teachers of la CNTE End Month-Long Protest in Mexico City
    • Roche-Syntex Workers Strike Over Freedom of Association
    • Mexican Electrical Workers Fight to Keep 3,600 Members
    • Foro Group Invites May First Coalition Unions to Join
    • Social Statistics


    Vol. 2, No. 10; May 16, 1997
    In This Issue:

    • Teachers' Opposition Group Threatens General Strike
    • Clinton's Visit Brings Repression to Unions, Workers
    • Mexico City Mayoral Election: Cardenas Leads in Polls
    • Canadian, Mexican and U.S. Groups Demand Renegotiation of NAFTA
    • Roche-Syntex: What Globalization Means for Workers
    • PEMEX Explosion Kills Two, Injures Two Others
    • Second Democratic Taxi Union Leader Murdered
    • CT and CTM Blame CROC for May Day Fiasco
    • Foro Group Debates National Workers Assembly
    • Social Statistics

    Vol. 2, No. 9; May 2, 1997
    In This Issue:

    • May Day March in Mexico: Foro and May First Federation
    • FAT in the May Day March: Workers, Punks, Strikers, Women
    • UFW Organizes in Mexico
    • New "Revolutionary Organization of Labor" Formed
    • Working Lean Conference: Academics, Unions, Workers
    • On Eve of Election, PRI Bonus for DF Workers
    • Human Rights Groups Denounce Continued Violations
    • Social Statistics: Recovery with Hunger
    • Labor Book Notes: Mexican Rural Teacher Autobiography


    Vol. 2, No. 8; April 16, 1997
    In This Issue:

    • Peasants March on Anniversary of Zapata's Murder
    • Heberto Castillo, Leading Leftist, Dies
    • Oaxaca Teachers March to Mexico City
    • Ford Workers Strike Hermosillo Plant
    • Fidel Failing; Rodriguez Alcaine Taking Over
    • CT Calls for Continental Labor Alliance to Defend Migrant Workers
    • Telephone Workers Settle for 19 %
    • Second Woman Attorney Beaten at Labor Board
    • Mexican NGOs Seek U.S. Supporters to Resist U.S. Immigration Law.
    • Labor Book Notes: Global Exchange English-language pamphlet on Mexican teachers


    Vol. 2, No. 7; April 2, 1997
    In This Issue:

    • Domestic Workers' Day
    • Teachers on the March
    • Ford Cuautitlan Union Rejects 9 Percent Raise
    • Residents of Town Rob Train of Food
    • Retirees Want Pension Increase
    • FESEBES Elects Woman to Head Federation
    • Foro Group on Elections
    • Scholar Defends Workers' Rights
    • Dissidents Plan May First March
    • FAT Calls for End to 'Protection' Contracts
    • FAT-UE Cross-Border Mural Project
    • Social Statistics
    • Labor Book Notes

    Vol. 2, No. 6; March 16, 1997

    In This Issue:

    • International Women's Day (March 8) in Mexico
    • May Day, Official Unions Won't March
    • Strikes, Settlements, Layoffs
    • Repression of Teachers
    • Graphics Union in Solidarity with Strikers
    • Social Statistics


    Vol. 2, No. 5; March 2, 1997

    In This Issue:

    • CT and CTM Promise to Support PRI in Elections Fidel Velazquez to Serve to 2004!
    • Teachers' Union Calls for Protests
    • Local 9 of Teachers Union Advertisement on Repression
    • Tabasco Street Sweepers - Troubles Again
    • PRD Holds National Workers Conference
    • Telephone Workers Union Seeks 47% Wage Increase
    • PRD Recognizes Valentin Campa
    • Documents in Translation: Lujan on Changes in Labor
    • Social Statistics

    Vol. 2, No. 4; February 16, 1997
    In This Issue:

    • Velazquez Calls Hernandez Juarez "Homosexual"
    • Velazquez and CTM Blast Opposition to PRI
    • Teachers Unions at Education Summit in Mexico
    • FAT and May First Criticize Inter-Amer. Dev. Bank
    • Mexican Network on Free Trade Says NAFTA Lowered Wages
    • Unions Join International Day of Solidarity with Zapatistas
    • University Unions In Struggle
    • Naked Sugar Workers March on the Paseo
    • Ford and Dina Workers Unhappy with 20 Percent
    • Tabasco Street Sweepers Return to Work
    • Survey Finds Little Support for Unions
    • Social Statistics
    • Labor Book Notes: Special Book Review On: The Mexican Democratic Teachers Movement


    Vol. 2, No. 3; February 2, 1997

    In This Issue

    • Foro Unions Plan to Create New Federation
    • Tabasco Street Sweepers Struggle Resolved
    • University Unions Demand Big Wage Increase
    • Teachers March for Themselves and Others
    • Human Rights and Repression
    • Official Unions and Elections
    • Social Statistics

    Vol. 2, No. 2; January 16, 1997

    In This Issue

    • Tabasco Street Sweepers: Hunger strikes and struggle continue
      Political Analysis
      Background of the Two-Year Struggle
    • Ford Cuautitlan Union Election
    • Mexican "Official" Unions Gear-Up for Elections
    • Repression: El Barzon, Tepoztlan, Oaxaca and Guerro
    • Independent Proletarian Movement Demonstration
    • Social Security Workers Union Won't Join Front


    Vol. 2, No. 1; January 7, 1997

    In This Issue

    • Mexico's Labor Year in Review


    Vol. 1, No. 23; December 16, 1996

    In This Issue

    • MLNA Celebrates One Year of Publication
    • Mexico Privatizes Railway, New Company Attacks Workers
    • FAT Strike Continues at Morales Brothers, Mexico City
    • U.S. Unionists Tour Mexican Auto Plants
    • United Front Created to Reverse Social Security Reform
    • Keith Mestrich, AFL-CIO, on NAFTA and Workers Health
    • Social Statistics


    Vol. 1, No. 22; December 2, 1996

    In This Issue

    • This issue of Mexican Labor News and Analysis is dedicated to the question of NAFTA and its effects on health and safety. Next issue we will return to our usual newsy format.


    Vol. 1, No. 21; November 16, 1996

    In This Issue

    • "La Quina" Still in Prison
    • Railroad Worker Group Opposes Privatization
    • Work Stoppages at Unam, 13,000 Students Affected
    • Teachers' Bureaucracy Versus Reform
    • Mexican Human Rights Commission: "Should Take up Labor Issues"
    • Croc Threatens to Leave the Pri < LI> Public Employee Leader Calls for Union Reform
    • Sugar Workers Negotiate
    • Labor Book Notes - Religion And Labor


    Vol. 1, No. 20; November 2, 1996

    In This Issue

    • State, Employers, Unions Sign New Economic
    • Privatization of Petrochemicals Moves
    • STUNAM Votes to Accept Wage Offer, No
    • National Referendum on Work and Unions
    • Oaxaca Teachers Lead Movement Against
    • Government to Release Oil Workers Union
    • Social Statistics
    • Labor Book Notes


    Vol. 1, No. 19; October 16, 1996

    In This Issue

    • New Plan for PEMEX: Petrochemicals to be privatized with state retaining majority ownership.
    • Democratic union loses representation vote among Secretary of Environment workers
    • South American workers plan to confront neoliberalism, free trade agreements, globalization.
    • And Special Section:The Struggle for Democracy
      In any country, the workers' struggle for social justice is closely connected to the society's struggle for democracy. In Mexico during the last two weeks several important events took place which while not directly related to the labor movement have important implications for workers because they are part of the fight for democracy. In this issue:
    • The National Women's Assembly in Transition to Democracy brought together 600 women from 27 political and civil organizations in the first week of October in what was one of the most important women's meetings since women won the right vote in national elections 1958.
    • The National Indigenous Congress meeting in Mexico City convened 680 delegates from 45 of Mexico's indigenous groups to demand a new relationship between the indigenous people and the Mexican government.
    • Christian base communities met in Tehuantepec bringing together 2,500 religious and lay leaders for the conference "Way of Life, Resistance and Hope Toward a Society of Justice, Fraternity and Solidarity."
    • Tens of thousands of students marched from Tlatelolco (the Plaza of the Three Cultures) to the Zocalo (the national square) to remember the hundreds of student murdered by the Army on October 2, 1968.


    Vol. 1, No. 18; October 2, 1996

    In This Issue

    • This issue of MLNA has a special section below on the history and activities of the FAT, the Authentic Labor Front.


    Vol. 1, No. 17; September 16, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 16; September 2, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 15; August 16, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 14; August 2, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 13; July 16, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 12; July 2, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 11; June 16, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 10; June 2, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 9; May 16, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 8; May 2, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 7; April 16, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 6; April 2, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 5; March 16, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 4; March 2, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 3; February 16, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 2; February 2, 1996

    Vol. 1, No. 1; January 1, 1996







    Arturo Silva Doray


    "The relationship that we've had with international organizations
    -- thanks to ties with UE   --  is hugely important.

    "After each international meeting, we feel more and more encouraged by the knowledge that we're backed by outside organizations as strong as the UE."

    -- Arturo Silva Doray
    General secretary of municipal workers union in Juarez, Mexico
    & of Federation of Municipal Workers for Chihuahua, Mexico



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