Article from Mexican Labor News & Analysis
Published by UE International.

Date published: February, 2016

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Miners Win Back Jobs—then Beaten by Company Union Thugs

Eight years ago, three members of the Miners and Metal Workers Union (SNTMMRM)—Javier Canales, Ramón Juárez, and Noel Méndez--were unjustly fired by the Fresnillo PLC mining company. They finally won their case and the right to return to work—but when they did they were attacked and beaten by more than 100 company union thugs.

The Fresnillo PLC mine, the world’s leading producer of the top primary grade silver, is owned by Alberto Bailleres González. Bailleres has signed a contract with a company union, the FRENTE miners union, headed by Carlos Pavón Campos. It was reportedly Pavón’s union members and hired thugs who attacked the three miners whom the court had returned to work.

“Alberto Bailleres is bothered by free workers from the miners union and that’s why Carlos “the Pig” Pavón and his gangsters attacked, because in Fresnillo PLC they want to impose protection contracts that dismantle the rights of the miners, as they have already done in the La Herradura mine in Sonora, also operated by Fresnillo PLC,” said Méndez.

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