Article from Mexican Labor News & Analysis
Published by UE International.

Date published: February, 2016

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Mexicana Flight Attendants Protest at U.S. Embassy

Flight attendants of the now defunct Mexicana Airlines protested in early February at the U.S. Embassy, demanding that the U.S. Justice Department intervene to deny asylum to Gastón Azcárraga , the former head of the hotel chain Grupo Posadas, who organized a consortium of investors to buy Mexicana in 2006. A Mexican judge issued an arrest warrant for Azcárraga in February of last year and Interpol located him in the United States. When his visa expired, Azcárraga asked for asylum.

The flight attendants hold him responsible for the bankruptcy and collapse of the airline in 2010 and want him returned to Mexico to face justice. The flight attendants, joined by members of Barzón Popular, a debtors union, also took their protest to the Mexican Secretary of Labor office.

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