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Published by UE International.

Date published: March 2016

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The Mexican Petroleum Company, PEMEX, has gotten rid of 25,000 workers in the last two years. From a high of 154,000 workers a year ago, there will soon be about 129,000. In 2015 the company eliminated 14,694 employees through layoff, retirement, or early retirement, while this year the company plans to eliminate another 10,553. At the same time, the number of corporate directors grew from four to nine while the number of managers grew by 500.

The Mexican Petroleum Workers Union (STPRM), headed for the last twenty years by Carlos Romero Deschamps, a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) who is also a Senator, has not said a word in defense of the workers. Perhaps this is in part because he receives from PEMEX some 379 million pesos (about US$17 million) for “travel, expenses, and celebrations.”

(He is not the only union leader who receives such generous payments from the company. Victor Fuentes del Villar, who heads the Sole Union of Electrical Workers [SUTERM] receives 200 million pesos [about US$11.4 million] from the Federal Electrical Commission. That may help to explain why he has not spoken up against the privatization of that state company.)

Last year dissident petroleum workers attempted to get an injunction to stop Romero Deschamps from making a deal with PEMEX that they believed would lead to the loss of as many as 60,000 jobs. And legislators in the Mexican Congress also sought an investigation into Romero Deschamps. Both efforts to restrain the Petroleum Workers Union leader failed.

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