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Date published: March 2016

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A new guerrilla group calling itself the Insurgency for Institutional and Social Rescue (Insurgencia por el Rescate Institucional y Social – IRIS) has been founded in Michoacán, as reported in the political magazine Proceso in March.

“We are not a cartel, we are the people,” says José María, the group’s spokesman.

This is not the Marxist-Leninist, Guevarist, or nationalist guerrilla organization of yesteryear. José María, the masked spokesman of the organization describes it as being made up of businessmen, ranchers, and others, many of whom are well off, but concerned with the problems of corruption in government.

“Organized crime and the government are one,” says José María from behind his balaclava and under the shade of the great white sombrero of the type worn in that region. “We are not criminals. We are people who are tired of what’s happening and we are organizing ourselves.”

The group’s spokesman says the organization was founded eight months ago, operates in the Tierra Caliente region of Michoacán, is armed with hunting rifles and is prepared to engage in armed action in the future. Some of the group’s members, he says, come from the self-defense organizations active in the state for the last few years, but gradually suppressed by the federal government.

The Michoacán Attorney General José Martín Godoy Castro, though aware of the video tapes about IRIS that have appeared on YouTube and that are similar to the Proceso interview, said that he was unaware of any guerrilla group operating in the state. He said that an investigation would have to be conducted. Such groups, said Godoy Castro, exist to destabilize the government.

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