Article from Mexican Labor News & Analysis
Published by UE International.

Date published: April 2016

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Explosion in Petroleum Plant Kills 32, Injures over 100

An explosion in a Mexican Petroleum Company (PEMEX) plant killed 32 workers and injured over 130 on April 21. The explosion took place in Coatzacoalcos, 370 miles southeast of Mexico City, at Plant 3 of the Mexican Petrochemical Plant Vinilo that produces the dangerous industrial chemical vinyl chloride. A worker was killed in a fire in this plant in February.

PEMEX has a long history of industrial accidents that kill large numbers of workers. In 2012 an explosion and an enormous fire at a Mexican Petroleum Company (PEMEX) pipeline carrying natural gas left 29 dead, 7 missing, and 46 injured at a distribution center near the U.S.-Mexico border near the town of Reynosa on Sept. 18. The pipeline carries natural gas from wells in the Burgos Basin to a distribution center.

One must wonder whether the recent changes in the PEMEX company - welcoming foreign investment, reductions in itsí workforce and a new labor agreement contributed anything to this most recent accident.

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