Article from Mexican Labor News & Analysis
Published by UE International.

Date published: May, 2016

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A group of six supervising teachers in Comitán, Chiapas were publicly humiliated for breaking the teachers strike that is strong in that state. The supervising teachers were taken to the market where their hair was cut, they were forced to walk barefoot, and to carry signs saying, “Traitor to the Country” or “Charro,” indicating their support for the national leadership of the Mexican Teachers Union (el SNTE) rather than for the National Coordinating Committee (la CNTE) which has organized the strike.

Spokespersons for el SNTE used these events as an opportunity to call upon the government to destroy la CNTE. But the evidence that la CNTE was directly responsible is weak. The supervising teachers said that those who took them were not teachers. The press reports said that radical organizations in the local communities had carried out the public degradation.

La CNTE has suggested that the municipal presidents (mayors) of Comitán and San Cristóbal de las Casas had paid thugs to carry out the humiliation of the teachers. The goal was to discredit the striking teachers said spokespersons for la CNTE.

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