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UE policy on global affairs & solidarity:


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UE member with microphone in the street talking to Japanse man behind bannershowing picture
UE member from Iowa public worker delegation talks peace with Japanese activists.

Where we stand:

UE policy on global affairs & solidarity

Resolutions passed at UE national conventions

Group of union leaders from U.S., Japan adn Mexico posing with poster
UE and FAT leaders give gift of peace poster to counterparts at a daycare center during a public sector delegation to Japan.

UE policy is set by rank-and-file delegates to our bi-annual national conventions in the form of resolutions that are discussed and debated on the convention floor. Resolutions are submitted by UE local unions, Regional Councils and the UE General Executive Board. UE policies are revised each year.

Local unions choose to unite on issues

At its heart, the policy of our union represents an agreement between UE local unions to work and stand together on a variety of issues. It is a voluntary agreement; there is no "enforcement power" held by the national union. On the other hand, the willingness of UE locals to live up to the agreement they've reached with each other has been the source of our strength as a national union since UE was founded in 1936.

In addition to a general resolution on International Solidarity, UE resolutions have called for an end to the war in Iraq, an end to the blockade of Cuba, closing the School of The Americas, fair trade, the defense of immigrants' rights, etc.

The latest resolutions

See all current resolutions

These policies are revised at the UE National Convention, in late August or early September, every other year.


Julia Donahue


"I always look to your union
as a role model for the kind of labor movement I want to be a part of."

Julia Donahue
organizer for CIR/SEIU in the San Francisco Bay Area

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