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International solidarity takes many forms, among them email campaigns. Protest letters serve to put governments and employers on notice that on an international level people are concerned and watching them.

"It is actually surprising to me how often I have been told that such campaigns have made a real difference to workers involved in critical struggles," says UE International Affairs Director Robin Alexander.

"They have caused workers to be reinstated. They have spurred parties to engage in meaningful negotiations. And they have resulted in halting violence directed against union activists. They also encourage the workers involved to hang in there, knowing that they are not as alone and isolated as they might feel."

The most effective campaigns for workers' justice world-wide are run by LabourStart, which is capable of generating thousands of messages from around the world.

In this space UE will occasionally include our own alerts. At other times, we will post current LabourStart campaigns.

How to be in the know

We encourage you to sign up to receive Mexican labor News and Analysis on a monthly basis. That will give you immediate access to occasional action alerts from UE International. Sign up here.

We also encourage you to sign up to receive alerts from LabourStart and to take a few seconds to respond to requests. It can make a real difference! See current action alerts. Once you respond to an alert, you get the option to sign up for future alerts.


Staughton Lynd


"In my experience, the UE has done more than any other union
in the United States to promote direct contact and solidarity between rank and file workers in Mexico and rank and file workers in the United States."

Staughton Lynd
Employment law attorney & co–author, Labor Law for the Rank and Filer


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