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Why international
labor solidarity?

Kingsley with Indian unionists behind NTUI banner
UE Director of Organization Bob Kingsley at NTUI union demonstration in India

Decades of corporate globalization have transformed international labor solidarity into a necessity. We confront increasingly sophisticated institutions regulating the movement of goods, money and people around the globe in ways that serve the agenda of transnational corporations. Workers' rights, wages and working conditions are spiraling downward towards to the lowest common denominator -- countries where workers make as little as a few dollars a day.

With no concern for labor, public services, or the environment, and circumventing the networks of accountability that we have built over the years, corporations have created a world in which the polarization of wealth, as well as environmental degradation, have reached unprecedented levels.

Indian man marching in front of group with banner to vote union
Leader of India's NTUI joins demonstration for UE members in West Virginia

Toward a new vision of globalization

Arising from our long-standing commitment to international solidarity, UE is convinced that unions must act and think globally. But a real commitment means more than just resolutions and meetings. And it is not enough to oppose the corporate approach to globalization; we must construct our own alternative vision of globalization -- one that uplifts working people throughout the world. The fate of our planet depends upon our ability to put the well-being of the vast majority of the world’s people ahead of immense profits for the few.

Our work is guided by the principle of commitment to rank and file action. We ask for concrete assistance, we receive it, and we extend it when asked to do so. In our global economy, we have no other choice. We are convinced that another world is possible and we are committed to helping to build it!

Making history in Mexico

Mexican woman with sign "Stop Union Busting
Mexican FAT co-president Beatriz Luján shows solidarity with nurses in Kansas City

UE continues to make labor history with our pioneering Strategic Organizing Alliance with the Authentic Labor Front, the Frente Auténtico del Trabajo (FAT) in Mexico, but we also value strong relationships with many other unions around the world. We have also joined the Public Services International (PSI) and International Chemical Energy and Mineworkers (ICEM), Global Union Federations which links unions in various sectors on a worldwide basis, and helped to found Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ), an alliance of organizations in the US which is committed to building a movement for economic and social justice here that is linked with social movements around the world.

New governments in much of Latin America provide eloquent testimony that poor and working people around the world are demanding change. New and exciting coalitions of unions, students, environmentalists, community organizations, amnesty groups, those who oppose the corporatization of our food supply, and many others have emerged to challenge military aggression and the power and agenda of the transnationals and international financial institutions.

We invite you to spend time on this site, get to know us and some of our allies and learn how to connect with unions in other countries.


Armando Robles


"An injury to one person is an injury to all, and for that reason it's important to have allies, nationally as well as internationally.

"Among the relationships we've been building, you'll find unionists from Japan, Mexico, Canada and France. And many more. We are willing to help with each other's struggles, with solidarity and respect. "

Armando Robles
President, UE local 1110

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