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Shop 'til you drop
On a Mexican wage

Students examining products in store
U.S. students shopping in a Mexican border city
Biff Rothschild

If you worked in Mexico,
What could you afford to buy?

And how does that compare, if you had the same job in the U.S.?

Today, Mexican workers do the same kinds of jobs that U.S. workers do. Many even work for the same employers, making the same or similar products just as efficiently. The world is shrinking -- for corporations.* But there's a world of difference in living standards for workers.

See for yourself. Click the button below to pick a job and we'll show you some typical things that you might buy in the U.S. and Mexico See for yourself how many hours you'd work in each country to buy the things you want and need.


*Trade treaties like NAFTA have helped many companies shift operations to Mexico, and beyond.









Bruce Reese

"I was shocked by the way that our economy affects the Mexicans' way of life. A lot of it is because of NAFTA.

"Their FAT is very similar to the UE because of the ideals of both unions. We can learn from each other because we face some of the same issues on both sides of the border."

Bruce Reese
Business Agent of UE Local 332, & UE national Trustee



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