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Cross-Border Solidarity!

American with Organize! Tshirt with arm around Mexican unionist
UE and FAT member meet on worker-to-worker delegation in Mexico


There are two ways you can contribute:

1. To our tax-free Research & Education fund;
2. To our 'Support an Organizer' Solidarity Fund

Help build an international labor movement focusing on cross-border solidarity!



Two American unionists with Mexican unionist arm-in-arm smiling

1. Make a tax-free contribution to the UE Research and Education Fund

All deductions to the UE Research and Education Fund are tax-deductible under the 501(c)(3) section of the tax code. The UE Research and Education Fund supports:

Or send a check to:

The UE Research and Education Fund
One Gateway Center,
Suite 1400,
Pittsburgh, PA., 15222-1416.

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2. Our 'Support an Organizer' Solidarity Fund

The UE has also launched a "Sponsor an Organizer" Campaign that you're invited to contribute to. To support an organizer involved in our cross-border organizing work, choose one of the following options:

Become a monthly or quarterly sustainer through PayPal:

Donation frequency:

Make a one-time donation through PayPal:


Or send a check to:

The UE/FAT Solidarity Fund
One Gateway Center
Suite 1400
Pittsburgh, PA., 15222-1416.

Get a page you can print out & mail in with your contribution or pledge.

(Making payments with PayPal is fast, free & secure!)


With your help, workers can unite in their demands for decent wages and working conditions on both sides of the border.

Thanks for your support!


Mary Stewart


"The international work of this union is so very important. I've witnessed how meaningful solidarity can be when everyone is working together for the same causes and supporting each other.

"We are truly in the same situations around the whole world."

-- Mary Stewart,
President of UE clerical workers local union at GE in Erie, Pa.

Your support helps make all this possible:

Mexican Labor News and Analysis

CETLACS (Workers Centers)

Worker to Worker Delegations

International Worker Justice Campaign

Warehouse Workers for Justice

Alliances worldwide


Why we're committed to global solidarity