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to our Research & Education Fund

To send in your donation:

Print out this form and fill it out.

To become a sponsor, make out a check to: UE/FAT Solidarity Fund.

To make a tax-free donation, make out a check to: UE Research and Education Fund.

Mail the form and check(s) to:
UE/FAT Solidarity Fund or  UE Research and Education Fund
One Gateway Center, Suite 1400
Pittsburgh, PA. 15222-1416

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individual donor's name:____________________________________

Union contact (if relevant): __________________________________

Street address: ___________________________________________

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Phone:______________________ Fax: ___________________

E-mail: ________________________________

PLEDGE: In order to support organizing work of the UE/FAT Strategic Organizing Alliance I am (we are) pledging $__________ per month for the months of:_____________________________.

SOLIDARITY FUND CONTRIBUTION: Enclosed please find $___________ to support the cross-border organizing work (UE/FAT Solidarity Fund).

For more information, call 412-471-8919 or e-mail ueinternational@ranknfile-ue.org.

Enclosed please find my tax-deductible contribution to UE Research and Education Fund. Apply my contribution to:

General Support for Solidarity work with Mexico; or

Mexican Labor News & Analysis ; or

Worker to Worker Delegations; or

Workers' Centers

Mail this form and check(s) made out to
UE Research and Education Fund and/or
UE/FAT Solidarity Fund to:
One Gateway Center, Suite 1400
Pittsburgh, PA. 15222-1416